Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fantasia is two weeks off- go buy tickets

With two weeks until Fantasia starts in Montreal I just wanted to remind that tickets are on sale (go here) and that you should be planning your trip to Canada to partake in the cinematic goodness.

We are looking forward to the festival with Lorcan Finnegan VIVARIUM at the top of our list and almost everything else a close second. I and the rest of the Unseen Films staff have been huge fans of his since we first ran across him several years ago.

While it is impossible to discuss a festival specifically until we actually wade into the films  I do want to tell you that before we even step off the  cliff  there will be a ton of coverage from both myself, and Mr Joe Bendel who is going to be on the ground this year. I will be reposting reviews of around 20 films that have played at other festivals (BLISS, COME TO DADDY, DEPRAVED, HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD, WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE to name just a few) or have played here in the states before their Canadian premiere at Fantasia. Additionally we will have coverage of another 15 films also playing at the New York Asian and Japan Cuts festivals which will be paralleling the festival (For example look for reviews of HARD-CORE, MASTER Z, and THE FABLE as part of our NYAFF coverage this weekend).

We are going to have you covered with more reviews than you is humanly possible so keep reading -but more importantly:GO BUY TICKETS.

Blinded by all the cinematic goodness that is Fantasia

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