Friday, June 14, 2019

The Teacher (2019) Dances With Films 2019

THE TEACHER  is a great action film.

No wait, THE TEACHER is the start of a great action film. The tale of a school teacher hunted by assassins is the start of something great. It is a kick ass balls to the wall action masterpiece that doesn’t end so much as stops. It leaves you wanting to see what is next in much the same way the John Wick films leaves you wanting more.

A great piece of action cinema, the film looks and feels like part of a great action classic, it sets up a world of possibilities that comes to a much too rapid ending. I want to see more. While there is no doubt that should the film go to feature length there will be a chance it could go right down the cliché path, there is enough here that I think that director Jeremy Weiss can maybe keep it in new territory thus creating something special.

One of the great films at Dances with Films , THE TEACHER is a must.

The Teacher plays June 16th at Dances with Films. For tickets go here

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