Monday, June 17, 2019

GIRL IN THE HALLWAY (2019) Dances With Films 2019

GIRL IN THE HALLWAY will crush your soul. It is so crushing and heartbreaking that I doubt it will end up on the Oscar short list where it belongs. Much like last year’s DETAINMENT, I think people will turn away from it as being simply too bleak and heartrending.

The film an explanation of why a father won’t read his daughter Little Red Riding Hood. He says it give him nightmares and after he explains why it will give you nightmares too. It all has to do with the little girl who often spent time in the hall way of his welfare apartment building. A sweet little girl who was left to flounder by her addict parents, she became prey for the real life monsters in the world.

I was horrified.

Your heart will break.

A stunning piece of filmmaking, told through a monologue and chalk board animation it is a waking real world nightmare of the highest order. It trumps every horror film because it is a true story. Frankly after you see this film the most vile and disgusting horror film ever made will seem like a Saturday morning cartoon.

What is chilling about the film is not only what happens, but what didn’t happen. The failure of not only the system but the micro-society of the building, which kind of tried to keep her safe but failed. You feel the guilt of the storyteller in every word.

One of the best films at Dances With Films and probably of 2019. I never want to see it again, and pray to god I never have to hear anther real life story like it ever again.

GIRL IN THE HALLWAY plays June 19th at Dances with FIlms. For tickets go here.

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