Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sympathy Card (2019) Dances with Films 2019

Josie and Emma fall in love after Josie breaks Emma's nose during a soccer game. The pair soon marry but Emma's cancer takes a turn for the worse. Wanting to approve of the woman who will take her place Emma tells Josie to find a new girlfriend so she can approve of her.

How you react to this romantic black comedy is going to be entirely about how you react to the film's goofy tone. Yes, there is a serious edge to the material, yes there are some very good and very real characters, but at times thing are played for over the top silliness. Sometimes it works and sometimes I wished they had played the film less for laughs. Honestly this film is so damn close to being great it hurts.

Definitely worth seeing. Your reaction is going to be determined entirely by the humor.

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