Sunday, June 23, 2019

THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU (2019) Dances With Films

A year after a beloved family member is killed covering the fighting in the Persian Gulf region, they come together to hold a memorial service and find the ties that once bound them together have begun to fray.

Based on a best selling novel from 15 years back, THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU is middle of the road family drama that is well acted and has a couple of great moments but largely hits all the expected notes. We've been here before, for both better and worse and the film doesn't really chart any new territory.  This doesn't mean the film is bad, only that it doesn't really stand out for better or worse (which makes writing abut it really hard). While I liked the film, it didn't really stick with me when it was done. Indeed I was referring to the characters by traits instead of names when I was talking about it with friends and trying to draft a review.

Worth a look, but more as a time passer

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