Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chance Has No Empathy (2019) Dances With Films 2019

Chance is an artist who has been struggling with an inability to feel anything. Without the ability to feel emotion he is unable to create. However when he discovers murder around the time  he spies Charlie a young woman working on her thesis on sociopathic behavior, he begins to realize that maybe there is a way to create. As Chance circles Charlie he finds his life spiraling toward greater and greater darkness.

I am going to refrain from turning the title of the film against itself and simply say that I really didn't care for this film. Filled with long voice over monologues where Chance explains what he's feeling the film kind of goes nowhere. He despite the best efforts of Will Rothhaar Chance simply isn't an interesting enough character to support a 97 minute movie. More talk than action and more cold and clinical musing as opposed to impassioned  action I spent much the film waiting for something to happen and to be emotionally engaged. While I understand that the film is supposed to mirror the protagonists mental state, we as an audience must feel something so we can keep watching. More importantly if Chance only feels something occasionally, then we should too. I never felt anything and only stayed watching out of an obligation to write the film up.

A miss.

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