Friday, June 21, 2019

Full Dress (2019) Dances With Films 2019

First things first don't read anything about the plot. The twisting turning nature of what is going on is best experienced with as little input as possible. And I should add that don't look at what it says at IMDB because the synopsis there doesn't do the film any favors.

 The second thing I need to say is "Curse you Carlos Puga!", you've made a film that is impossible to describe. That is a rave in that he has made a film that is impossible to fully talk about unless it is to someone who has seen the film. I say this because .the film's story changes as time goes on. We begin as a thriller and then it begins to shift, and shift and shift and walls come down ... and you have to see it.

In a weird way I can't really critique the film until I see it again because the ride that is the film changes and what I may have thought about the film early on changed as details and reality shifted. While you may catch some of what is going on, I'm not sure if you'll catch it all.

To be fair I don't think the film is for everyone. I suspect that people who need straight forward films may not like it but if you like head trippy films and ones that change as time goes give the film a shot. It also goes without saying this is for anyone who doesn't want another Hollywood film.

What a trip- and now if you'll excuse me I'm going to to try FULL DRESS one more time.

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