Saturday, June 1, 2019

Judas Collar (2019) Brooklyn Film Festival 2019

This stunning piece of filmmaking is rightly in the Oscar mix after a win in Austin. It is a haunting film that will truly knock your socks off.

The story comes out of the Australian government  using tracking collars (aka Judas Collar) to tag one camel in a herd in the outback. The animal then is left to wander with a herd, and at a later time men come in helicopters and cull the herd. The collared one is left to wander from herd to herd and over time the men can kill more and more animals. The weird thing is that some camels sort out that they are a "Judas and then go off to live their own life.

Brilliant, wordless film will amaze you with its craft (how exactly did they manage this?) and break your heart with its storytelling. This is as good a film as you will see all year. Trust me, the magic of film does not get much better than this. i didn't know whether to cry from heartbreak or amazement.

If this does not get an Oscar nomination this year I will be really upset because I doubt there will be five other films better than this.

You have to see this.

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