Friday, May 8, 2020

More Tribeca shorts: SYSTEM ERROR, TOTO, VERA

A  robotic service unit in a convience store tries to change so he can have a friend.
One of Tribeca's best is also one of the truly great finds of 2020. A magnificent story of life that must be seen- and which apparently is going to be turned into a series.
Sign me up.

Bitter sweet scifi tale has a granmother getting a robotic helper who she teached to cook.
Lovely charming film takes a dark turn when the ganddaughter updates Toto thus wiping his memory and removing her friend. I don't hink it was intended to be this dark (the end music is jaunty) but the happy tale turns bitter sweert and becomes a kind of riff on Alzhiemers or dementia.

A cleaning woman imagines a the ower of the office she is ceaning based on the objects in the room. And begins a conversation with him through notes.
Small gem of a film is a sweet and lovely little tale that will leave you smiling. An unexpected pleasure.

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