Saturday, June 30, 2012

A report from The Opening Night at the NYAFF 2012 - including a few words on Vulgaria (2012)

I'm not going into go into a long discussion about tonight's film. Even if I wanted to it would be tough since it's an adults only film which is all talk and damn funny as a result.

The plan for tonight was influx early on. I was coming in from work with my friend Stan. Mondocurry was making his way in from his house and Mr C was doing similar. Stan and I got in later than expected so I never contacted Mondo and C, instead Stan and I got dinner. We then headed up to the Walter Reade.

Walking into the lobby I saw Grady Hendrix, whom I haven't seen in ages. He was talking to some people, but gave me a wave (Grady, my apologies about not stopping to say hello, but you are a busy man and I didn't want to interrupt.) Stan and I did say hi to Rufus de Rham who was trying to take care of his duties at the festival.

Somewhere along the way Mondocurry made his way in and was secretly setting up a spy station in the corner of the Walter Reade gallery. We began to talk and kibbutz as we waited for the doors to open. Rufus came back and we all talked some more.

I do have to say that I love the audiences at the NYAFF. Everyone is nice and calm. Everyone is polite and respectful, or seems to be. I've been to festivals were people are so freaking full of themselves, but not here. Its a joy.

Eventually we were let in and Mondo, Stan and myself grabbed a seat off to one side. Stan had an early train so we were going to have to leave before the Q&;A.

After a an introduction by Gavin Smith, editor of Film Comment, Grady Hendrix lept to the stage to scream his wonderful usual welcome to everyone--and as the applause filled the theater, I realized I had come home yet again.

After that everyone now steering the festival was introduced (for give me I took no notes) It was Gorin and Rufus and Samuel from the Japan Society and a few more... (and Earl was helping as a volunteer)

Pang Ho-cheung, the director was introduced and he said a few words (I'm hoping Mr C or Mondo will relate them) before the film was run....

Vulgaria...what can I say...

The story of a producer speaking to students at a college about what a producer does when making a movie. The story is to what lengths he was willing to go to make a movie.

In the interest of good taste (and a desire not to spoil anything) I want to say that this is as tasteful as a movie can be with a running joke about mule sex. It gross and tasteless, not for kids and hysterically funny. I mean there are laughs here that will make you go light headed. Amazingly there is no nudity, nothing graphic, just lots of talk and implications. the most graphic thing is the inference of what you can use pop rocks for.

The audience went crazy.

I think it was Dr Stan Glick, Asian film expert, screamed "Fuck Yea!" when it was done seconds before the applause.

It was that kind of night.

Sadly because of the LIRR schedule Stan (my friend) and I had to leave as soon as the movies credits finished.

Stan's comment when Grady introduced the director after the film best summed up the reaction to the film.

Grady started by saying" After that there is only one thing to do..." and before Grady could bring Pang Ho-cheung up Stan said "Play it again" before leading the charge out.

Play it again?

Yea thats about right.

Vulgaria... a damn funny film that should have been run at least once more--I mean christ how else are we going to catch the jokes we missed the first time.

Put it on your must see list...assuming you aren't offended easily.

What a great way to start off this year.

(As I said I had to fly. Expect a report on the Q&A and the showing of Boxers Omen which followed when Mondocurry and Mr C report in.)

Okay, it's 2AM time for bed. There are movies coming tomorrow...

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