Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Invisible War (2012) Human Rights Watch FIlm Festival 2012

The statistic is that over 20% of all women in the military have been raped or sexually harassed. The percentage of men who try to rape someone in the military is 15%, which is twice the national average.

If those numbers don't make you want to reconsider joining up just watch this film and odds are if you're a woman you'll be running for the hills.

Mind blowing film about sexual abuse in the military will curl your hair and outrage you. Its not so much that the abuse is happening, its that the cover up is on going, thanks to the old boy network, the desire to covers ones ass and general bad social skills by the brass who publicly claim that the they are taking steps to step the tied, but are telling the victims they asked for it and that they should just suck it up.

You will be outraged, especially after you meet the women and men who have been raped while on duty. You need to see this film because this shit has got to stop. Rape should not be an occupational hazard of military service, which is what one court recently held in denying lawsuit for damages.

See this film.

I hesitate to say this because this is an important issue, but taking the film on it's own terms, the film is a bit too long. I was about 40 minutes into the film and I realized that the film had pretty much covered everything. I'm pretty sure that you could trim the film down by 20 or 25 minutes and not miss anything.

The has been given the Nestor Almendros Award by the festival It will screen June 18th and 20th.

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