Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderfalls (2004)

This busted TV series lasted less than a season but developed a huge cult following. Indeed it was through the cult that I discovered the series when a friend who loved the show pressed copies of the the DVDs into my hands and insisted that I watch it. I thought I was going to watch an episode here and there and be done with it, instead I watched the entire series over two nights and was saddened to learn that there was never going to be more, especially since so much was unresolved.

Actually if you only saw the series when it ran on FOX you only saw four episodes. 13 were produced, but Fox pulled it after only four airings. The fans were furious and someone in their infinite wisdom quickly trotted the series out on DVD where everyone could see the entire, all too short, run.

The series follows a very intelligent young woman working at a souvenir shop near Niagara Falls. She works there because she wants as little human interaction as possible and to her this seems like the best way to be left alone. Through circumstance she is periodically accosted by various inanimate objects which tell her that she has to do something...the details of which are not specific so things often go sideways. if she doesn't comply the objects will begin to sing until she does.

Wickedly charming and wonderfully off the wall the series is simply infectious. As I said at the start I expected to just watch an episode or two to placate my friend at the day job but instead found that I had to see what happened next. Credit the great writing which gives us real characters and the actors who were skilled enough to inhabit them.

I love this series and have pulled it out of the DVD cases to watch when I needed a pick me up.

If you want to feel good, I mean really good, you really should get yourself a copy of the DVDs or catch it when it reruns on which ever station it is that currently has the rights to run it. (amazingly the series does get rerun frequently on cable).

This is a keeper.

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