Sunday, June 10, 2012

A non review of Perhaps, Somewhere (2012) KAFFNY 2012

Final film of this year's Korean American Film Festival New York is a too dull to review. A great looking film that feels like a meaningful film school project.

The Festival write up describes it as follows:
Auteur debut film from Arts Institute of Chicago alumn demonstrates impressive mise-en-scene sensibility. Two lonely souls navigate through their isolated past and present in uncharacteristic landscapes of the Midwest, searching for a sense of home. In meeting, they forge a brief and close bond, learning to understand themselves and one another, wondering where they will go next. Directed by Brian Oh

I describe it as a bunch of non-actors wandering through a story that was written by someone who wants to show how much like Bergman, Tarkovsky, Fellini or some other great director he is. It looks good, but its boring and pretentious.

Sorry guys I have no (good) words for it. I only hope that perhaps somewhere there is a good version of the film.

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