Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Nightcap 6/10/12 The multiple reviews to continue... and thank you KAFFNY


I really should stop trying to be studious with these Sunday pieces because I’ve been trying to rush to come up with something. (Actually I should stop being studious with the blog because the movie a day thing has gotten wildly out of control and become multiple films a day.)

Prometheus has opened and the reaction seems to be very mixed. You’ve read my two pieces of the last week so you know I’m not a fan. Its been fun to read everyone’s reactions.

The high level of posts for the blog is going to continue for a bit longer. In addition to our posts a day we’ve just flooded you with films from the Lincoln Center Open Roads Italian series over the last week.

And we’ve also been giving you a ton of stuff from The Korean American Film Festival New York. I have to take time out and thank the people at KAFFNY. I had a blast covering the festival. It was so much fun. You are all so nice. Thank you. I know the vast majority of you didn’t make it to the festival this year, but frankly you should have been there. This is a super little festival that is now on my list of favorites. I can’t wait for next year. Next year I’ll be letting you all know it’s coming so there will be no excuses…you’re all going.

This week’s posts are going to be centered around Buster Keaton. While we have a couple of his classic films, mostly it’s going to be some odd ball stuff... and a book review if I can finish it.

Also Monday and Tuesday I’ll be running reviews for two films that are playing at the Human Watch Film Festival which starts Thursday.

After this week things will calm down to normal levels for a week or so and then on the 22nd we start the flood of films for the New York Asian Film Festival. We’ll be running (maybe possibly hopefully) about 25 to 30 reviews of films playing at the festival before it even starts. After that we’ll be burying you with heavy coverage as a bunch of us wade in and take in the festival proper…before we continue into Japan Cuts.

If you’ve ever wondered if the rumor that no one at Unseen has families or significant others, it’s all true. We have given up normal lives so that we can report on movies just for you.

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