Monday, June 18, 2012

Yinling of Joytoy:VOPREKI

(This is an old journal post about a really out there film, starring an ex-wrestler alleged to have ties to the yakuza...)

Whats three hours long, shot on video, is in Russian and Japanese and is one of the weirdest things ever put together?

I'm officially weirded out.

A half Japanese half Russian agent (played by a Thai bikini model) is sent by Soviet forces to rescue some one from some super villains. Theres action, violence and softcore sex. Music and....

Three Hours? This thing is three hours long...and none of it is in English. What the hell is this thing? 15 minutes in I hit scan, 45 minutes of elapsed time I started to step through the chapters.

Christ its nice to know that I can still have my mind blown.

There will be plot and then suddenly a weird insert shot of something. More plot then a weird cosplay episode of a softcore sexual nature a flash back more plot...'s weird.

For example the heroine breaks into a compound where some guy is abusing a girl. She beats the guy up and they go inside. There the guy she's looking for is in his underwear on a couch unconscious. A mad scientist is doing something to him. She slaps the scientist around and he wakes up the guy. Some words are exchanged and suddenly the two woman are being fed a huge meal by the scientist, the guy she's looking for is gone. moments later she's having a sexual fantasy involving rock music, leashes and the people in the movie. Then the plot starts up again---and it somehow continues from the fantasy...

Who needs drugs?

This will bend your mind and then some...

Though at three hours its way way too long.

If I suddenly start to drool you know why... I've seen this movie.

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  1. OK, I need to see this, and what is the name of the former wrestler???