Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disinformation: The TV series

Scifi thought it was a good idea to have publisher Disinformation make a series that covers all of the off the beaten path topics that they have in their publications, be they weird and wild and cutting edge.... When the episodes were delivered to SciFi they were so freaked out they refused to air it.

The series is a magazine style show in the style of 60 Minutes. However instead of dealing with news makers we get The Sex Life of Robots, Uncle Goddamn, The Montauk Project,The Fetish Ball, Joe Coleman, Genesis P-Orridge, Grant Morrison and Outsider Music. To say they were pushing the envelope is understating it. I say this not because the show itself was different in style, rather that the subjects were things that most of America, or anywhere else, would consider beyond the fringe.

I really like the series. I like that the series introduced me to people like Genesis P-Orridge (or at least let me know who he was beyond a name). I like that there is nothing sensational about anything in the series. As I said its like 60 Minutes, basically straight reporting.

While there are only four episodes I'm not sure how many more they could have created and still maintained such a high level of quality. I say this because they are truly unique and if they had gone on too long they might have made the weirdness way too common place. I know it always is but there are so few people who can explain it so matter of factly that those of small minds aren't going to be (too) upset by what they see.

If you like to have your mind expanded you really should track this series down...

...and if you can see if you can find the original DVD release of the series. I say this because when it was originally released the series was released with a second DVD that contains several hours of material that was recorded at the Disinfo.Con on February 19, 2000 in New York City.

Disinfo.con was a gathering of many of the interesting minds in off beat thought. speakers include Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, Marilyn Manson, Kenneth Anger, Joe Coleman, Adam Pafrey and Kembra Pfahler (There were others but those are some of the people on the DVD).

I would be lying to say that the disc isn't a kick in the head. Its full of material that will make you go "Oh Wow!" at some times and "What BS!" at others.

It's an amazing DVD that I should really review on it's own, since it's now out, like the series, as stand alone discs, but I'll save that for another time. For right now you should track down the series, if possible with the bonus disc. Do it if for no other reason that it will get your little grey cells firing.

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