Friday, June 8, 2012

Spoiler filled questions that bother me about Prometheus

I wasn't going to post this. I put this together the morning after I saw Prometheus. It's a list of all the questions I had after seeing the film. I didn't think it was worth posting, but then I saw Roger Ebert gave the film 4 stars and I couldn't believe it. How could he not see all the problems?

Anyway,since the film started at midnight I figured it was okay to post this.

There are ton of references to events in the film so don't read it unless you have seen the film or want potential spoilers (They are ordered in how I thought them up so they bounce around)

- this takes place 80 years from now? Have we really gone interstellar that quickly?
-Only a trillion dollars to send the ship to the planet?
- Isn't it overly cliche that Pearce is Theron's dad?
- Why do they rush into the ruins? Over two years to get there and they go running in half-assed into the ruins?
-Why do they randomly touch everything? Aren't they scientists? What happened to scientific methods?
-Is there any reason other then exposition to have the engineer holograms?
- How do the two scientists get lost when they have a radio and are on a screen in the ship- why not just ask for directions out?
-Why did David infect the doctor?
- How does David Know there are more ships?
-David still works in pieces? In every other Alien film decapitation means the end
-Pregnant? Really? I thought the black stuff created worms.
- Why does the one guy get weird and funky after infection when no one else does?
-Was there ever a reason for all of the extra characters other than to be cannon fodder? And if you were never going to introduce them, why kill them off- or do they really kill them off when the infected guy comes back.
-Why squid?
-If Squid and worm how do you get to alien?
-Why is the inside of Theron's life pod wrecked like someone pulled it apart if the squid is in the medical bay?
-If we have the same DNA why do they think the engineers made us?
-Why keep going back into the monster chambers?
-If the alien blood is acid why not just remove the helmet- there is oxygen
-Why did they use all of the motif's from Alien, eggs,face hugger, ect when none of it other than the engineer's ship connects?
-Why bother with the alien at the end other than to make the link clear?
-More importantly why did we get an alien at the end when previously that didn't happen?
-The whole progression of David's arc makes no sense.- why push buttons? Why infect? Why try to freeze Shaw after pregnancy? Why all of this and other things when ultimately the point was just to find "god"?
-Is David insane?
-The escape pod/collision makes no sense- they talk in one direction about certain dangers which we never see...and how things crash are odd...
-Why is there no damage when shale rocks are being kicked up at over 200KPH?
-They are all scientists but no one other than Shaw does science.
-What does the geologist do other than throw balls?
-The biology guy who behaves like a moron when meeting an alien life form.
- Whats the point of ejecting at the end?
-Why make everything so neat?
-You wake up the engineer and he goes berserk and heads to destroy earth- so why wake him?
-Mad race of gods or one nut job?
-Why riff on Alien, 2001, Wizard of Mars and other films if you're trying to be original?
-What does happen to all of the other characters?
-Yes I'm infected  Flame throw me...why the sudden change from other than just get him out of the way
-If the film isn't suppose to tie into Alien, as I've heard, why bother with all the references?
If nothing else  if the aliens are born of the canisters where the hell does the  egg laying come from in alien?
If the space jockey in alien is so old as to be part of his seat, why have the engineers suits look that old?
The supposition that its a bio weapons factory makes no sense if you extrapolate it to Alien.
-What the hell is the green ooze from the wall?
-Why isn't the head decayed?
-why electrify the head?
-How the hell do you run after surgery like that

Sorry if that's jagged but I originally did this list off the top of my head and the film has simply too many questions to play nice and  not pepper the filmmakers with lots of obvious questions

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