Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Capsule Documentary (Wide World of Sports/Terror in Mubai/ Still Bill)

Wild World of Sports 40 Years of Glory
10 year old documentary on the legendary TV show is a blast of nostaalgia. I grew up on the show and its great to see so many great clips. Unfortunately as good as the film is, it's way way too brief at 64 minutes. I absolutely loved this but at the same time because it was so short it only really highlights a few high points and everything else (and thats a lot, gets passed over. Worth seeing but I'd rent it.

Terror in Mubai
Very good documentary on the teror attacks in Mubai in 2008. using recordered phone calls and news footage it tells the story of how a few country kids were sent to kill people in a hotel.

I was rightly horrified.

I was also intrigued when a police official said that they broke one of the surviving terrorists by showing him the dead bloated corpses of his compatriots in the morgue. He had been told that anyone who died in a jihad would smell wonderfully and their bodies would glow.

Still Bill
Okay look at Bill Withers.
Full of good music the film just sort of is since outside of the piece on his being honored by a group that helps kids who stutter, there isn't much here, just a nice man who makes music on his terms and has stayed away from the spotlight and the music business for many years now.
It was nice to check in with the man but why did this need to be 90 minutes?

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