Monday, July 23, 2012

Conspiracy of Silence (1994)

A supposedly banned/destroyed film linking a one time Republican fund raiser by the name of Larry King from Nebraska(not the talk show host) to a child sex ring and worse. The film was,I'm told, done for the Discovery Channel and a British TV channel and then bought up by "someone" who destroyed it(or tried to).

I can see why.

This is a trip down the rabbit hole as we start with king and his embezzelment of 40 million dollars from his savings and loan, before we move into allegations he ran child sex ring with ties to powerful republicans and Boys Town. Its a frightening thing to behold as we follow the attorney for a woman making claims of being used for sex and who was convicted of purgery (she was sentenced to 25 years, while King stole 40 million bucks and got 15)

Is it true?

Obviously something happened. There are court documents, and a public record, but how much of it is true beyond that is anyones guess...though I would think a good chunk of it is. There's a moment in it about half way in when you get the feeling that maybe, just maybe this was all made up, until you hear what the Grand Jury investigation found and you sit there slack jawed. seconds later you're hit again with the sentences for everyone involved and realized that there was no justice and something was afoot. (and of course the coda with a washington sex ring bust makes it al the more WTF material.)

Its a head trip into alleged 1980's Republican abuse of power.

If you ever get the chance to see this and want to see a documentary that makes you go Hmmmmmm in both good and bad ways, see this film. (Though be warned its very sexually graphic)

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