Sunday, July 29, 2012

FIght for Survival (1977)

Over the top WTF martial arts movie that is among the most amazing things you'll see because it's so out there. It doesn't make a lick of sense and frankly you won't care because its just so much fun.

The plot has a girl training in the martial arts going after several stolen volumes of martial arts wisdom. I'm going to leave the plot there because you won't believe me if I told you what was going on- weird training methods, flying fighters, limbs that grow and shrink, weird tests of worthiness...

I saw this and my mouth hung open in complete disbelief... Its one of the weirdest and wildest martial arts films I've ever seen. I think it's got everything you can think of in it but romance and spaceships.

I picked this up in a multi-film DVD set expecting to buzz through most of the films, which is what frequently happens in this 5 buck buys. First movie out of the box I was hooked.

Its so wild I stopped the second film to watch this again.

Wilda, wacky and great fun.

Check your bargain bins and pick this baby up

One of my finds of 2012

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