Monday, July 2, 2012

Find the Blackmailer (1943)

A detective is hired to find the blackmailer of a candidate for mayor. The blackmailer knows that the mayors fiance is an ex-con. When the blackmailer turns up dead things become a desperate hunt for a crow that can talk.

Okay, desperate is too strong a term, pastorally paced jaunt. This is stock characters going through the paces of a not particularly tense mystery (and I use the term mystery very loosely). This is little more than the characters thrashing around for an hour or so while time runs out. I'm sure this played better in the original short story because I can't imagine this nonsense being intentionally used as the basis of a film.

The fact its a non-mystery doesn't prevent it from being entertaining. I watched the film because the actors make their characters engaging enough that we want to spend time with them. Honestly had their actually been a real mystery this would have been a great film simply because the cast is so good.

Worth a look, especially since its part of a Warner Archive release with 6 films.

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