Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Tribeca 2017 Day One

850 am getting ready for the first film of the fest
I need to start off by saying because of embargo rules I can no review anything I saw today. Apparently they are enforcing the no reviews until after the premiere even with the festival screenings.

I did see two shorts and three features. I loved the shorts, liked one feature, really liked another and hated the third

I have to give a big shout out to and a big hug to all of my friends in the volunteer corps. God damn it feels good to be be shouted at before I can say a word. I love you all- and you make the fest a joyous occasion.

It was nice to see every one of usual bunch of friends- I have to apologize to Hubert for rambling at him and not letting him eat his sandwich. It was also great to talk to Lauren Humphries-Brooks who is just a joy to see in person and whom I see more than I converse with (we both are always speeding off...)

What else can I say but it was great to be home at the Chelsea Cineopolis- the trip to Lower Manhattan was a killer and was something almost no one liked and everyone complained about.

More tomorrow and reviews soon.

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