Saturday, April 22, 2017

Genius (2017) Tribeca 2017

Geoffrey Rush plays Albert Einstein in new TV series running on National Geographic. Initially set in the 1920's but untethered in time the series looks at Einstein's life and a achievements.

Tribeca ran the first episode and then had a talk with producer Brian Grazer, director Ron Howard, actress Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush. Sadly I did not see the talk which I'm guessing was spectacular. I simply saw the first episode.

Somethings should not be blown up to the size of a movie screen. Watching the first episode I was struck by the sensation that I would have liked it better on TV where it didn't have pretentions of being something more. That is and isn't a knock. As TV series goes the film...episode...plays like a TV show. There are no breaks for TV but the film follows TV series constructions. Its a set up for something more and it ends at a suitable break. It also has the smaller scale feel that makes it look wrong on the big screen.

Is it bad?

No. But at the same time outside of Rush's performance there wasn't a hell of a lot to make me want to come back for the remaining nine episodes.

The series starts airing on April 25th.

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