Wednesday, April 26, 2017


It's all winding down- three more days for me and close to 20 more films....Weeeeee!

Not much to report other than I spoke with a lot of friends and finally sat down and actually watched a movie and shared popcorn with Ariela. I know she has been writing for Unseen for two years and I've known her longer than that but this is the first time we ever sat with each other and saw a movie.

I saw four films today- and longer reports are coming for them but for now:

SATURDAY CHURCH- I want to see this again before I review it. A youngman not sure where he is sexually finds himself a home at Saturday Church down by  Christopher Street in New York. This is a wonderful  film that wasn't what I expected after several friends called this one of the best of the fest.

A GRAY STATE- What you think this film is about ends up not hat you think it's about. This is the story of David Crowley a filmmaker who was working on a film called THE GRAY STATE about how the government is moving toward tyranny. Crowley became a darling of the conspiracy fringe and  Alex Jones crowd by striving to make a film about the end of civil liberties and freedom. When Crowley and his family were found murdered Christmas time 2014 many thought it was a political murder but something darker and sadder was at work. Ever changing film is a must see. A riveting portrait of inner darkness the film disturbed me as it kept me glued to my seat.  This needs a much longer review.

PILGRIMAGE- dark heady adventure (of a sort) set in 1209 about a group of Irish  monks tasked with getting their sacred relic to Rome. The group ends up in the middle of a power struggle and things go wrong early on. Violent ugly and at time thought provoking film will delight those who take it head on. While admittedly uneven, some of the people on the press screening had problems that kept them from liking it, the film is a good adventure on its own terms. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I have a great deal to say, so a longer review is coming,

THE CLAPPER- This film was an expected pleasure-mostly. The plot of the film has a guy who earns his living being a professional audience member for TV shows and infomercials being outed by a late night talk show making his ability to earn a living impossible. As the TV show he tries to hook up with the girl of his dreams. While the central thread of the main character not wanting to be on TV as anything other than an audience member doesn't really work, the stuff around it works wonderfully. I liked the film because I liked the character interactions . Ariela, with whom I shared a bucket of popcorn during the screening, will be writing it up.

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  1. Aww that's right!! It was the first time we sat and watched a film together. Hopefully not the last!