Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tribeca Day 4 post is coming

I was at seven screening/talks today and I am exhausted. I will have reviews up soon of:

The Whoopi curated groups of animated films
LITERALLY BEFORE AARON (Ariela's review will go up soon)
The Kobe Bryant/ Glen Keane talk (and it has to be said DEAR BASKETBALL will win the Oscar- I cried all three times I saw it- twice at the talk and once during the Whoopi collection)
ROCK AND ROLL (Ariela is taking lead)

The reviews will be soon because I'm too tired and I have another long day tomorrow.
Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane (more pictures are coming)

I do want to say that I never in a million years expected to hear some one wonder if they were seeing me while passing me in a car going down 23rd street. It was my friend Sam Juliano from Wonders in the Dark who was heading in for a day of films. While I have known Sam on line for six or seven years we have only met once in person-fleeting last year at a Tribeca screening. While pictures of Sam are around- pictures of me are scarce so that he recognized me while zooming at speed is surprising.

In any case the meeting was a happy occurrence an I now have what I have wanted for a while now- photographic proof we both exist. (I'm on the left and Sam is on the right)

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