Monday, April 24, 2017

Ariela's serves The Dinner (2017) Tribeca 2017

The Dinner is the story of a congressman who's running for governor (played by Richard Gere) who invites his brother (Steve Coogan), who has a history of mental illness, to dinner, along with both of their wives. (Laura Linney and Rebecca Hall)

After a very lengthy time with scenes switching from the past, showing the congressman with a previous wife, and Coogan dealing with his wife's cancer, and the present, the dinner itself, which kept being interrupted with calls the congressman had to take. We finally, after forever, find out that the congressman wanted to have the dinner to discuss a crime that both their sons committed. The parents have to figure out what their actions will be.

The premise of this film is good. However, I felt there was way too much that was unnecessary. Steve Coogan is/was a history teacher and there is a very long scene about Gettysburg(which he was obsessed with). I think I dozed off at one point. There is also some narration of the film by Coogan's character which I found odd.

An hour into the movie and we find out about the crime which was disturbing, and they have their conversation, which consists of very differing views. In the end, it is a film about morals. Prior, to this point, I found the film so dull. I wanted to yell "talk about it already!" The ending is left open-ended which left me frustrated.

 Definitely one to skip.

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