Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nightcap 4/15/17 Sunday on Saturday.

A brief nightcap largely to just have a reason to show you the above video
Happy Holidays to you all.
John, Hubert, Bully and myself went to see the RiffTrax Samurai Cop this week and it was a blast. One of the best shows they’ve done-it was so good that the audience we were with were talking back themselves

And I have to note for Ken- the film is one of the worst I’ve ever seen and I would never watch it unriffed.
The reason I'm doing this on Saturday is tomorrow we're running our Tribeca curtain raiser and Monday is our Art of the Real Curtain Raiser.
Our Tribeca coverage is coming along at pace. I don’t know what our final total is going to be-I’m guessing around or over 70 features f the 98- but we’ll see.

Coverage starts Thursday at some point- I am going with Chocko to the opening night film and concert and if I can get home early enough I'll post something about it. If not look for coverage toward evening because of embargoes. The reviews will then be hot and heavy straight on to the first Sunday in May.

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