Friday, April 21, 2017

Tribeca 2017 Day 2

I had a great day at the fest.  Lots of good movies, one I really hated and I got to see more friends.

I had a nice long talk with Nora Lee Mandel for the second day. Unfortunately she got stuck in the MTAs subway woes and missed her first film, but for me it was a win since I got to have a nice chat about stuff.

I was also pleased to really see Ariela at the fest proper and not be dashing here or there. I owe her dinner/lunch something for all the reviews she has been turning in.

The original plan was that I would do daily posts and not write up all the films but I got diarrhea of the fingers and I've written reviews of everything I saw today so look for full posts.  However I know you want know what I thought so:

GENIUS- first episode of the NAt Geo series has a killer performance from Geoffrey Rush but its a first episode of ten so its hard to say beyond that.

GILBERT- Wonderful and moving portrait of Gilbert Gottfried that reveals things only friends and family knew.

VIEWFINDERS shorts collection- a great selection of shorts- reviews are coming

FLAMES- beyond pretentious navel gazing about people we really don't care about.

PSYCHOPATHS- What should have been a low key serial killer version of Le Ronde is wrecked by narration that promises things the film can't deliver

TRUE CONVICTION- Moving portrait of three falsely imprisoned freed men who now try to free the wrongly convicted. Moving and quite human. One of Tribeca's best.

Full reviews are coming so keep reading

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