Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tribeca Day 6 - rain and movies

Despite the LIRR I had a good day at the movies. Some of these need longer reviews- and they are coming but for now here are some capsules reviews

Walking out of the HOUSE OF Z half way into the film I had a chat with the PR person handling the film. What were my thoughts?  This is a great to look at film portrait of Zac Posen, hot shot designer who had a meteoric rise and and fall. It was a film that played like gangbusters to the rest of the fashion savvy audience but for me, who knows nothing about fashion enjoyed the images but I couldn't connect. There were things I simply didn't understand. It wasn't for me, On the other hand I know that if I liked fashion I'd eat this up. If you like fashion this is a must see.

Must see documentary on the back log of rape kits across the country.  This is a film that will piss you off big time. The most frightening thing is that as a result of the unclogging of the back log there was the discovery of almost 1000 serial rapists hurting women across the country. I'll have a ful review coming, but before that put this on your must see list.

The first of the Tribeca Midnight films that really feels like a midnight film. An FBI agent is sent to try and find a missing women and her son. The quest leads to the town of Devil's Gate and a weird boarded up house where the home owner has a weird thing in the basement. A schlocky popcorn film, this is worth a shot if you like this sort of thing- which I do. A full review is coming.

Two brothers who escaped a ufo death cult revisit those they ran out on. Odd cult film is going to thrill some and piss others off. The word from friends of Unseen was not positive. Everyone had problems with the third act which makes things almost incomprehensible- and leads to a denouncement that isn't really about scares but something else. I kind of liked it, as did JB, but I know why many people don't. This film needs a full review.

The one thing you can be sure of at Tribeca is the fact the ESPN films will rock. This year the selction of shorts  were made up of: The Amazing Adventures of Wally and the Worm, Bump & Spike, The Counterfeiter, Revolution in the Ring and Run Mama Run. The selections are all quite good but none really stood out. I think that's more a testament to fine programming rather than there being anything wrong with the films themselves. Definitely worth seeing

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