Monday, April 24, 2017

Ariela's brief take on ICE MOTHER (2017) which is one of her favorites at Tribeca 2017

Ice Mother is the story of Hana who lives alone and has weekly visits from her two sons and their families. Hana still helps a lot by doing a lot for them. One day Hana is watching her grandson, Ivanek, and he wanders off. She finds him and winds up meeting a group of ice swimmers. They swim and race in 3-5 degree water. She befriends them and in particular befriends a man named Brona, who has a best friend as a hen, and they begin a relationship with each other. Ivanek, who is picked on at school, also befriends the ice swimmers. The two of them now have a new group of friends.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles. The movie was really sweet. The scenery was beautiful. There were definitely moments of ridiculousness and a sex scene I could have done without, but overall I really enjoyed and recommend this film.


  1. And the chicken was a hoot too!

    Absolutely one of the very best films of the entire festival by present day Czechoslovakia's most venerated humanist. Funny, poignant, and incisively written.

    1. So glad you liked it a lot too Sam! Agreed about the chicken being a hoot!

      By far my favorite one so far still.