Saturday, May 9, 2020

Evil Little Things (2020) hits home video Tuesday

Multipart  horror tale about the stories a toy shop owner tells a young boy about the dolls in his store. It seems the boy is afraid of the monsters under his bed and is looking for a find to keep him safe. The first story tells the story of a leprechaun seeking revenge on a family.  The second tale involves and evil doll. And in the wrap around story the toy shop owner gives the boy a clown doll.

While the two main stories run a little long, they both generate genuine chills. I decided to cover the film because the trailer actually looked pretty good. There were some creepy images and a sense that the whole thing wasn't being phoned in. I was right and actually had a good enough time that I was emailing friends who hesitate in covering lower budget horror films to tell them to give it a go.

Is EVIL LITTLE THINGS going to be your most favorite horror film? Probably not but in an age where we are locked in side and our choices for good entertainment seem to be spotty, it will entertain you. More importantly it will be something you'll recommend

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