Saturday, May 2, 2020

Stay At Home Fest Bonus Film: QED The Series

Back in 1982 before Sam Waterston was typecast for eternity as ADA McCoy on Law and Order he starred in a 6 episode series for CBS called QED. The show s a bout a brilliant scientist who flees Harvard for England in the days before WW1 and has rip roaring adventures. I loved the series but it disappeared after airing until many decades later I saw it run on Showtime on cable.

All the episodes are good but the first episode is great. It kind of should be since it cribs it's plot from the classic tale The Riddle Of The Sands. For hat it's worth the last episode of the series is the first thing I ever recorded on video tape. I had gotten my first VCR earlier in the day.

High art, probably not but they are a great deal of fun.

The link should take you to a play list of all the episodes.

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