Tuesday, May 4, 2021


With LA MADRINA playing Hot Docs, here is a repost of my review from last year's Tribeca

Excellent portrait of Lorine Padilla who was the First Lady of the Bronx gang The Savage Skulls.

This super film starts with Lorine explaining that one doesn't choose to take drugs, rob banks or join a gang. Life pushes you that way and to understand what when before to know how we got here. She then lays out the life of her parents, her neighborhood and then herself. The result is a kick ass film about a kick ass lady. We come not only to understand and respect her but to like her. She is a tough cookie who wants the best not only for herself and her family but her neighborhood and as a result she is a fierce activist.

This film is a stunner. It is one of the best films at this year's Tribeca. Atypical in that it doesn't take a cookie cutter approach  the film not only gives us a wonderful portrait of one woman, but also of her life, her neighborhood, and our times. What she did bled outward and changed the world around us all.

Magnificent. Highly recommended.

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