Thursday, May 20, 2021

Brief thoughts on the charming Youthmin (2018)


A youth pastor gets his flock ready to go to  national bible camp and things go sideways.

This is a wonderful little gem of a film. This is exactly the sort of film I started Unseen Films to highlight, a film that comes from no where that absolutely delights me. YOUTHMIN delighted me.

Set up as a mockumentary ala The Office, YOUTHMIN is a slice of life film that feels right. These are real people. We recognize them and they are us. Not only are they us, they are saying and doing things we have done or might do. The result is genuine laughs and knowing winces.

To be certain the film is uneven and imperfect, but so are the people in the film. The imperfections mirror the people on screen and just like them we fall in love with it.

I really love this film a great deal. As soon as I finished it I set off an email to my de facto minister and told him he had to see it.

Currently available on Amazon its worth you time and money.

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