Saturday, May 1, 2021

Brief thoughts on Dark Red Forest (2021) NDNF 2021

 Portrait of the Yarchen Monastery in Tibet where thousands of Buddhist nuns who trek to the monastery to live in small wooden houses on the plains, often in freezing weather.

Good meditation on the life of the women who are searching for enlightenment. We watch them as they meditate and perform the various rituals that they hope will bring them closer to enlightenment. Its portrait that in many ways mirrors the trials and tribulations of the women on screen.

This is not a film you read about, rater it is one you experience. As the women journey to their awakening so the audience must journey to its ending.  It is a journey you need to experience before we discuss it since what you feel may not be what I felt.  While I want to talk about this film, it is like each of own paths to god, unique and our own. I will say that I was carried along by the women's journey as well as the magnificent images that placed me somewhere other than the room I was watching it in.

Definitely worth experiencing, especially if you want a meditative discussion of faith. 

DARK RED FOREST is recommended.

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  1. Loved the film , it touched me, had a big impact on me, never forget it