Thursday, May 6, 2021

TCM Classic Film Fest 2021: The Streets of New York

As part of this years virtual TCM Fest the festival is running numerous New York City centric films and to help make things more enjoyable they are also running several several films relating to the making of the films

Excellent look at the making f the Harold Lloyd comedy SPEEDY. The film was legendarily shot on location in New York for a good portion of the shoot. However a terrible accident forced the company to reconsider continued shooting. The film examines the shoot both in NYC and on a backlot where portions of the city were reconstructed because the area in Greenwich Village they wanted to shoot in had been changed. This is an excellent film

Short look at the making of THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1,2,3 and how it is one of the most accurate portraits f the NYC subway on film (it points out that one of the two errors in the film is the result of the city refusing to help make the film if they showed graffiti in the subway car.) This is a great piece that is much too short.

An excellent look at the shooting of NAKED CITY and how it was the first big film in a long time to actually shoot on location on the city. This is another masterpiece that gives us an excellent idea of what it took to make the film as well as letting us know what has changes since the film was shot.

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