Sunday, May 30, 2021

For Lucio (2021) Open Roads 2021


Portrait of singer Lucio Dalla focusing on his rise to fame in the mid 1960's on through the 1970's.

This is an okay biography of a singer I only had a passing familiarity with via the recordings played by Italian relatives. Its a film that mixes a good number of period interviews and footage of Dalla with a couple of interviews with two key people who knew him. The result is a mixed bag that keeps us at arms length. 

The problem is that by keeping the interview pool tiny what we know is limited. Yes we see a great deal but we aren't told all that much with the result being that we simply don't really get any sense of Dalla the man. I was disappointed

While I loved the music and ended up  with some CD's of his music, I think I could have gotten more information abut the man from the liner notes from a CD collection of Dalla's music.

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