Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sofa King (2021) hits Bluray tomorrow

I have been sitting on this review of SOFA KING for a bit now.  I had been sent the film not long after the film was finished and after a discussion I was asked to wait until the film was released , however now that the film is hitting Bluray May 5 I can tell you what I think.

SOFA KING is a very good film.  The film is the story of  Matt who decides that he is going to sit on the couch until he sorts out where he is going in life. The trick is it isn't that much different than what he's been doing and his friends and family try to get him to get up and go out.. It’s a beautifully acted film that is surprisingly cinematic.

I am calling it surprisingly cinematic because the film is pretty much set in one place with one basic camera set up-we look at the couch- however director Kevin Wolfring defies expectations by making a film that doesn’t feel couch bound. To be certain this film could have been a stage play , however Wolfring uses clever editing to bring us into the story and make writer Chris Mollica's script come alive. He puts us into the room and on to the couch.  But at the same time never really feel like we are looking at a simple set up, we feel as though we are in the room being part of the conversation. 

And it is very good conversation.

I really liked SOFA KING. I am always wary of inde films that are set up to be just conversations because they tend to just sort of lay there. This film doesn't do that. The visuals enhance the dialog and vice versa.  

While I am not going to say this is going to be your most favorite film of the year, I am going to say that this is a sweet little film that is worth a look. This is exactly the sort of film that Unseen Films was set up to highlight. It is also the sort of independent minded inde film that most filmmakers don't make any more- namely a film with a unique point of view and  speaks with the voice of a group of filmmakers making their own way and making their own movies.


SOFA KING hits Blu-ray tomorrow and can be had at Best Buy and Walmart. It will also be streaming on TubiTV and Plex

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