Friday, May 28, 2021

Punta Sacra (2020) Open Roads 2021

Portrait of Ostia, south of Rome. Over the years a loose enclave sprung up, however the real estate vale has gone up and the government officials want to move everyone out, however the residents don't want to go. Director Francesca Mazzoleni embedded in the community and presents a portrait of a close knit community desperately trying to hold back the world.

Loving and lovely look at life being lived. This is a love letter to a group of people who love their homes and don't want to leave. This isn't a documentary with a point as such, it is not telling you a story with a beginning middle and end, rather it is simply time with a bunch of good people. This is the cinematic equivalent to wandering into Ostia and just talking to the people you meet there.

Its good time with good people.


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