Monday, October 18, 2021

A quick reminder the Circle Drive-in in Scranton Pennsylvania is having a BLOOD-O-RAMA SHOCK FESTIVAL Friday

Just want to remind you that the Circle Drive-in in Scranton Pennsylvania is doing their first annual  BLOOD-O-RAMA SHOCK FESTIVAL. Four great drive-in films- DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN, BRAIN OF BLOOD, MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND and BEAST OF BLOOD- for an all night movie feast in honor of movie mogul Sam Sherman who produced the first two and released the second. I am hoping to have an interview with Mr Sherman next couple of days at which time I will talk more about the movies.

Yes I am going to the show. It is going to be the last drive in trip for the year and we are going to make it count. 

They are having giveaways, monsters at the car and lots of fun stuff. And if you need an additional push they are also running their annual Halloween Haunt aka haunted house( there are combination tickets.)

The doors open around 4pm. The information I was given as that the movies will start sometime after 6pm.


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