Monday, October 25, 2021

The story that won't die...Coda

 Dave Chappelle mess continues....

For those who want to see the first two parts of my response go here and here

The latest twist is that Dave has released a video which confuses the hell out of me. He basically says I said what I said. I will talk to the trans community if they want to meet (and under his conditions)  and it's all about corporate greed.


First its clear that he really doesn't understand, he's said some terrible things. He doesn't care, actually he's probably too pissed off that people aren't showering him with praise to care.  He thinks it begins and ends with his right to say what he wants. While on some level it does, it also comes with consequences- which he seems to feel he's immune to. After all the members of the LGBT community he knows are nice people and okay with him. Its a comment that reminds me of the bigot who says that the members of the INSERT GROUP doesn't mind the bigot's horrible comments.

Actually the comment about the LGBT community comes in talking about the filming of his new documentary on his 2020 comedy shows and in the context doesn't rally reflect their feelings toward the special that's pissed off the world.

The documentary brings me to Dave's comment that the response to the special is a matter of corporate greed.... can anyone explain to me how people angry that they have been attacked is a matter of corporate greed? Everyone I know who is pissed off has no corporate connection.  More importantly what is the corporation which wants to stop him? Netflix? They have backed him? Who is this corporation?

The reality is that Dave is pissed off that no one wants to play his documentary. He says its been uninvited to festivals across the globe. No one wants to handle his toxic personality right now. It seems he's angry that he can't hawk his movie and make some money. Dave Chappelle the corporation is the one that can't make any money. If you listen to the whole message Dave released he's basically trying to save his new movie by trying to turn it into a cause celeb.

Smooth move Dave, this whole thing is about corporate greed, yours. You don't want your cash cow to die and you can't bring yourself to do the right thing to save it.

I'm sorry, Dave, I don't care. While I'm curious about the documentary, I'm tired of your shit.  You're a cranky/angry old man who doesn't know how to calm things down because you don't know when to shut the f-up.

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