Saturday, October 30, 2021

Live Health (2021)

Timothy Cox and his wife  have codirected and written one hell of a short film. The film is a day in the life of a therapist  working remotely with his patients. It will move you.

As much as I don’t like computer screen films, the Coxes have made a film where it adds to the film. This is a film about among other things isolation and the use of the people on screens trying to connect is key to the film working – not so much for the people who are unloading on therapist Cox but for how we see Cox himself. He is isolated from the world. We see life outside of his window and we see the people talking to him but we don’t see his connections to the world except via the screen.

The most amazing thing here are the performances. The Coxes have assembled a stellar cast of patients who bleed on screen. Its painful to watch some of their stories. They are all so good that I can’t believe they aren’t actual patients spilling their pain for the camera. And holding it all together is Timothy Cox, giving one of his best performances. A pretty much wordless performance we watch as he sits and listens to his patients. In a stunningly modulated performance Cox slowly gets worn down as he takes on the pain of the world upon himself. It’s a gloriously subtle performance  that reveals just how good Cox is. Why isn’t he getting the big roles in Hollywood?

LIVE HEALTH  is a stunner and a must see.

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