Saturday, October 2, 2021

Brief thoughts on WHAT DO WE SEE WHEN WE LOOK AT THE SKY? (2021) NYFF 2021

Whimsical romance concerns a meet cute couple who have their appearances changed by the fates so they will not recognize each other.

How you react to this film is going to be determined by how you react to the rambling side tracking style that frequently drifts off into odd asides (we watch a soccer ball float down a river for no clear reason, even if the narration is amusing). Sequences just run on. If this is something you like you're going to love this film.

Personally I loved the central story of the romance challenged by the fates, however I really could have done without the asides and the rambling nature. There is a great 90 minute movie here, the problem is this is a 150 minute movie.  

Frankly this struck me as the sort of film that only a critic could love.

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