Sunday, February 27, 2022


The annual look at French movies starts Thursday night at Lincoln Center. This annual festival is some times poopooed by some snotty critics because it doesn’t always have the big  French films (largely because they have been snapped up by mainstream distributors)  but they always have the glitz and clamor by bringing in a lot of big stars to do Q&As. This year they have brought  in Claire Denis, Juliette Binoche,Arnaud Desplechin, Mathieu Amalric & Vicky Krieps. As for the films, they may not be the best known films but more time than not they are the better films with a number of the films this year ending up on my Best of the Year lists.

Because of circumstances I have only seen a couple of films so I’m going to refrain from doing a recommended list since everything I’ve seen is good.

Reviews will start later in the week and  I’m hoping to catch up with a few more films during the festival.

For tickets and more information go here

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