Monday, February 14, 2022


If you read Unseen Films regularly you know I am a huge fan of the YouTube documentarian Nexpo. He’s a guy who dives into all sorts of mysteries creating films that are as good if not better than many films that are released to theaters and play on mainstream TV.

He regularly looks at strange series on the internet and in the process manages to give us insight into creepy series we never knew about before. For example his  Channel 57 films haunt my nightmares (my brief piece on them is here).

Nexpo’s latest is called GEMINI AND THE END OF THE WORLD which is on a series of films from filmmaker Remy Abode. Abode has made a series of films done in the style of VHS informational videos, and a video game that together tell the story of an invasion of sorts of the earth by creatures from a  wandering planet now located on the end of the solar system.  Nexpo’s piece runs just over two and a half hours and it is a decent into the darkness that is the Gemini films.

I don’t want to say too much, you should just see Nexpo’s piece and the Gemini films as well, but I just want to say that while I was kind of mixed on the whole experience right after seeing it, I find that the films (both Nexpo’s piece and the Gemini ones) have left me feeling deeply disturbed. There is a quiet visceral horror in them that really worked me over and gave me nightmares. Yea the films seem ow key but the darkness they present really f-ed me up internally.

I would start with Nexpo’s film and then go from there. You can find the piece above. Go to his YouTube page for more information and links to the original films

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