Sunday, February 27, 2022


NYICFF is one of the  great film festivals of any year. Started by parents who wanted to get their kids into film the festival has grown over the years and it also spun off G-Kids one of the finest film distribution companies in the world.

This year the festival is back in person, with the films for Tots playing virtually, and I couldn’t be happier.

Because I am taking advantage of the in person our early coverage is only going to be reposts of films we saw at other festivals. However because I know the festival from the last 22 plus years of existence I have no trouble in saying if you see something that intrigues you buy a ticket and go…. And go to the short films  because honestly in almost every fetival they have contained most of the truly best films. There is a a reason this is an Oscar Qualifying festival, and that is their choices of films kicks serious bottoms.

For tickets and more information go here

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