Friday, February 11, 2022

My Neighbor's Neighbor (2021) Animation First 2022

I have no idea what you are going to think of My Neighbor’s Neighbor. I say this not because it is a bad film but because it is going to push the envelope for some people.

The film is the intertwined, and completely off kilter, stories of people in and around a block of flats. We have a the story of a magician who saws his assistant in half, only to have her legs run off. A man gets stuck in a glass elevator, with his dog for days. An ogre who kidnaps and eats children breaks his teeth. And there are other tales wandering through this

Almost all of this is hysterically funny, though not for the little kids  because of language and it all being a bit scatological. I really liked it and if you have a bent sense of humor you probably will too.  Say what you will this is a very funny film.

I mentioned at the top that some people may have trouble with the film and  part of the the problem is going to be with a couple of sequences. The sequence involving the Ogre (who looks like a man) trying to capture a little girl walks a fine line between being funny (he falls and knocks out his teeth) and being really creepy (The girl he is pursuing is rather terrified). I personally ha mixed feelings about it. A later sequence involving  a car crash makes fun of the death of Princess Diana. While I was amused I know some people are going to find it in really poor taste. While I am not trying to arbitrate what someone can or should see I just want to point out that this may push some people’s buttons (especially since this looks like it will be great for kids- then again it's playing at 10pm).

Warnings aside, this is a wickedly funny film that will put a twisted smile on your face.


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