Friday, February 25, 2022

Brief thoughts on CREATION STORIES which opens today

With CREATION STORIES opening today here is the brief piece I wrote for last year's Tribeca

I've been asked to hold my review of CREATION STORIES for the release, which is fine by me since they want to give people a chance to discover it on their own. I completely understand that. The film is a stream of consciousness memory play as Creation Records founder Alan McGee remembers everything while on a drug fueled trip to LA. Its kind of like an amped up TRAINSPOTTING with history crashing in. Its got a kick ass sound track and is waiting to be discovered by anyone wanting a wild and crazy ride. Trust me on this- its a one of a kind film that no words can explain- you just have to see it- and that my friends is a rave. (notice its coming at the end of the must see list.)

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