Thursday, February 3, 2022

American Social (2021) hits Vimeo today

This is a short film about a couple, one of who is a social media influencer who go hiking in the  wilderness.

I'm not sure what I think of this film.  It's not that the  film is bad, it's not, more that the film is kind of unsure about what the film is trying to do. While it is trying to make a commentary on social media as much of the film is focused on other things. The focuses primarily on relationship of the couple and a tragedy and it only really swings back into the social media realm in the final moments. Its the swing into a sting that makes me uncertain about my feelings for the film. I mean it's bleak and cynical and the point of the film, but at the same time it feels unearned. Where does it come from? (And the husband is on social media?)

While I'm not sure what I really think of the film, there is enough here to make me recommend it and to make me want to see what director Keely Gould does next.

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