Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ariela Rubin on THE OTHER ME

The Other Me is about a guy who is an architect who meets a mysterious woman after walking in the woods as he's starting to go blind. 

This movie was very strange, and I felt like it was too out there for me to understand. I was pondering it for several days, and then a friend happened to watch it and explained the whole movie to me.  I was so surprised by what the movie was about, I felt completely sidelined by it and that I really didn't get it. My response to my friend explaining it to me was "wait, what?"  The whole movie basically uses metaphors and isn't literal.  Now understanding it, it did make more sense, and I think I might have to rewatch it. But it makes me wonder if I didn't grasp it upon watching it, how many others will feel the same confusion as I did? 

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